Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Hypothetical thinking... I need to play Simcity!

Well, I obviously need to play a good game of Sim city! Disasters turned OFF of course! Can't have the Sims getting pelted right when they start building a Megatropolis! I have not played that game in ages! I have to give credit for the Sims game for teaching me the basics of life! You gotta get a job, get up in the morning and not be late too often for work... if you don't feed you Sims she dies... if you don't go to sleep at a reasonable hour She misses work and gets fired after too many late nights... if you don't let your Sims go to the restroom she pees on the floor...etc... Once I figured out all those basics of life then the game simply became about building and decorating my Sims' house! My Ex was kind enough to find me the cheat code for unlimited funds! Sim city was a bit more fun playing when you don't have the cheat codes! I HIGHLY recommend installing "The Sims" game on ALL high school students computers! A semester or two should be DEDICATED to playing "The Sims," and discussing the rules of life! The student who advances there character WITHOUT cheat codes to the highest career level gets a prize! The student who designs and decorates the most beautiful innovative Sims house gets a prize! The student who wins the most friends gets a prize! The student who amasses the biggest fortune gets a prize! The student who manages to adopt and support the most babies gets a prize and so forth! And all the students who manage to keep there Sims alive and happy PASS the class! :)

You get to create character's and families of any sort you want... but they won't get married etc. unless they like each other an are NICE to each other! It's the most brilliant video game ever created!

The teacher supervises makes sure the students don't wrongfully kill other players or use cheat codes. Leads life lesson discussions and encourages students to try different career paths. The teacher also gets a fair amount of free time to grade papers at school instead of unpaid overtime!
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