Amy (blue_lory) wrote,


Well, Texas state government has got 'destroy your infrastructure' down to a science!

Just take a look at the craptastic roads and freeways throughout the state! ONE of the most PROFITABLE States in the Union and they can't even keep the roads in tiptop shape. Roads seem to take a back seat to everything else. Meanwhile, the State government awards LUCRATIVE contracts to electric company tree-trimming 'mafia' goons with multiple State businesses... who are rolling in the dough, BECAUSE they just bull-dose or hack-chop your decorative Mimosa and SLOW-GROWING Oaks instead of trimming them more frequently and less severely. Forget about obeying State and Local LAW and ONLY cutting trees in the government's legal EASEMENT! These guys have been hack-chopping Texas trees back 10 to 15 feet PAST the EASEMENTS! And Texas is overwhelmed with LAWSUITS over it! Thirty years ago they used LOCAL tree-trimmers who respected the TREE! Now they employ tree-choppers that make you want to ask for there green card. Afterward, the trees look worse than when the husband let my toddler direct bush-trimming! "XOXO, Please Honey hire a professional next year and just plant some perennials or something!"

Texas has managed to move up from the lower bottom of the education rankings to a healthy middle. That was because they decided to fund education with the State Lottery. All the funds were suppose to go to the school system... curious if that's still the case? And why with a Billion dollar lottery we still have to pay property taxes? Texas should be able to FUND free health care for ALL it's unemployed people without Federal Government assistance... and makes enough extra money to build NICE houses for the homeless and extend unemployment benefits. So, WHY do so many cities make it a CRIME to be homeless and live on the streets, but don't build houses for these folks preferring to put them in jail. Maybe if Texans would pay attention to there own State Government officials the roads would be paved better than in the Democratic (less wealthy) state of Maryland!

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