Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Picture test...

I decided to upload a few more pictures onto Photobucket... only to discover that I can't find my account! Every time, I go to photobucket I get a BETA site for it. My account does not show up on the beta site. Don't know if these two pictures show up to anyone or not? Please advise.

I've had trouble with my pictures being "altered" since a couple of years ago after visiting Mount Vernon...the pictures I took there looked altered. The 2nd time I noticed this was after accidentally running into Prince Harry of Wales in California.

I lightened the 1st photo of me holding the baby a few years ago in the hospital since it was taken without a flash. Any other alterations are not my doing.

I attempted to download a video onto Facebook that I had successfully downloaded onto Photobucket. After a couple of attempts the video never appeared on Facebook.

I am posting this publically because I don't know what this is about, but I think Swandog may be right about being more public.
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