Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Angry Bird...

My life has SUCKED since leaving University in 1990. Some of the reason I dropped out of University was because I was out-manuvered by my best friend and her Dad for Valedictorian of my High School. I felt like a complete failure not coming in 1st. I was told by my best friend that her Dad had managed to convince the School to change some of the rules so that she would win. At the time he was a Director for an Internationally known Computer Company. I was just some "stupid" Southerner whose Daddy nobody knew. I loved my friend and did not hold a grudge despite my Mother's INTENSE ANGER and hatred over what had happened.

Everybody I know from High School completely trusts my friend and her family.

I told the Husband a couple of years ago about what had happened back then and that it had discouraged me from academia. In one sentence he managed to turn a failure into something else... "AMY, THEY had to CHEAT to win!" His perspective changed an entire chapter of my life in a positive way.

I started thinking about the events and noticed a few other things...

I WAS NOT the ONLY student who lost something to a newcomer. Several other students that had been at the school since childhood also lost awards or place because of a "last minute newcomer." My Brother was one of these students, losing an athletic place to a student brought in on scholarship from another country. Another student that I was friends was arrested after being accused of harassing the Director's daughter. I was TOLD that his arrest was based on fingerprint evidence on a letter he had sent her. Since she was also his friend it would have been VERY EASY for ANYONE to get his fingerprints on a letter before writing it themselves. He was one of the few students who preferred ME TO HER. She loved reading mystery novels. I read fantasy, action, adventure. I am not accusing ANYONE, but she WAS my best friend. AND it BOTHERS ME that the FAMILY of a highly trusted SAC Commander would come under suspicion BEFORE my friend and her family.
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