Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Angry Bird...cont'd...

I had lived a charmed life as a child in many ways up to this point... a number of odd events fixed by Deus Ex Machina. Mostly, because I had the BEST GRANDFATHER on the PLANET! He made up for my Dad's absence. I also had WONDERFUL AUNTS and UNCLE back then, who loved me and doted on me. At least one of my Aunts has been under some kind of oppressive cloud since I returned from living in England at the end of 2004.

My Grandfather was diagnosed with Leukemia. He stated and believed it was from test flying an airplane through a H-bomb after cloud. We were given the option of having a Honor Guard? at his funeral. My eldest Niece and my Dad died shortly after my Granddad. My Dad died after coming for my Niece's funeral. He SAID that he was willing to enter the State because my GrandDad had died and was no longer after him! He gave me confidence in myself as a beautiful woman by his kind words and encouragement.

The happiest year of my life was spent my first year at University before I dropped out. I had gotten into a more prestigious school and intended on attending there. My Mother at the last minute INSISTED on me attending a smaller school in an Airforce town. I always wondered why she changed her mind so suddenly. But for me SOCIALLY I was very happy and well-liked. This was an incredible experience because I was DISLIKED in high school, I do not know why.

My "luck of the draw" University roommate was best friends at Church with my best friend. She HATED me at first, as did ALL of my best friend's Church friends. Once I stopped trying to hang out with them I made LOTS of new friends there and got heavily involved in the planning of a number of School wide events. The only Freshman involved in planning the largest one. My roommate and I finally managed to become friends at which point she told me that my school best friend had "complained" about me constantly to them at Church. I was still friends with my best friend, but decided the friendship was not in either of our best interests. Her Daddy was VERY competitive and a bit arrogant about his kids being "better" than everybody else. He had pressured her to "unfriend" me after I won more class awards than her. From my perspective he had been a "substitute" Dad who I greatly admired and respected.

She constantly compared hers and my relationship to a particularly horrid book about a best friend betraying his best friend out of jealousy. Most of our teachers referred to her and I as "twins" because we did everything together. When I started thinking about this a few years ago, I went back and re-read some of the notes passed between us. She was SIGNIFICANTLY more socially sophisticated than I was at that time. I was a bit of a clueless type and made a number of "kid" social errors. I have wondered as a more sophisticated adult if her insistence that WE were just like the character's in that book may have been a bit nuts. I never thought that maybe she might needed psychological help. She was under INTENSE pressure to be the best in EVERYTHING at school. Her Daddy briefly disowned her for MY beating her out of some class awards. If I'd known before it was such a big deal to her family life I might not have competed. From the perspective of everyone else at school she had a PERFECT family.

I've been seriously bothered by the increasing attacks on my life. All the attacks have ONE thing in common, they escalate when I am being excellent at something publically. I went back to University and studied Fine Art. I was at the top of my Art Class even winning a student "golden pencil" award at a local competition held by professionals. I was "assured" by several of my professors that I WOULD easily get a Design job. One professor even offering a job in his small company if I had trouble. I finally managed to get a job when I stopped sending my resume over the computer and started hand-carrying them to local businesses at the SUGGESTION of my Uncle. The Husband who graduated from and taught at a University ranked in the WORLD top 100 ALSO had odd trouble finding a job.

Some jobs that he interviewed for were through an executive headhunter... we were later told that the man's computer had crashed and he LOST everyone's data. The job that he GOT was through an international colleague's underground assistance. The year before this I had contacted a Microsoft recruiter and was interviewing with him for a visual designer position with Microsoft. We were discussing salary when I was unable to get back in touch with him. I was told later after finding a job elsewhere that his computer had crashed and he LOST everyone's data. I found this coincidence odd. I also found it likely that whomever was causing me trouble was a computer expert and had a personal grudge of some sort against me or my family.

I made a list of possible suspects and started ruling people off the list. I have not yet been able to rule my old best friend or her Dad off the list. He got on the list because of his willingness to CHEAT against a CHILD in order to win a Competition that his daughter did not need to win. Financially, they appeared able to afford any University in the USA, making the competition purely about pride. Both my Mother and I were told we had been investigated by the FBI because of the competition and the threat letters my friend received. I did not KNOW about SAC until after my Mother's death. Retrospectively, the very IDEA that SHE would be placed on ANY sort of anti-American watch list is ABSURD. I have also wondered retrospectively if the man used his money and contacts to hire a Private Investigator. I was told that they had invited us to a Mother/daughter event for the single purpose of gaining fingerprints and DNA off of drink glasses. If this is TRUE it's ODD. If this is FALSE, my friend needs a psychiatrist.

Her Dad may have had access to the computers at my 1st job. Her Dad at some point got heavily involved in Texas politics. I had never had any trouble with Texas politicians before this because my Grandfather helped get Reagan elected and liked Bush. My Grandfather had been a follower of Eisenhower. She and her Dad had my address and my Mother's address.

I completely cut off the relationship with her after I got married preferring another school friend as an adult. I never even considered them as possible suspects in some of the upsetting events of my life... until I started time-lining folks where they were when bad stuff happened.
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