Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

On STD's...

On STD's... Since so many people in the USA have gone can't even talk about STD's even with your Doctor without being labelled a prostitute or a druggie! After visiting Amish Country and seeing what looked like an Amish youth on his year OUTSIDE the Amish community with what looked a bit like Aids sores on him.... People need to stop burying there heads in the sand about STD's.

I personally think The blue-eyed "Dutch" look of the Ammish is attractive...

I PREFER Brown eyes to blue... But I certainly don't want to only have to look at a bunch of brown or black eyes... Just cause the American people are having a religious revival and can't talk honestly about STD's! STD's can and do destroy even a young woman's fertility by causing scarring on the Fallopian tubes and ovaries. MOST are treatable with antibiotics. Cultures done on some public restrooms will show up STD germs on even the door handles. THIS is why most clothing stores put protective covers over the crotch on women's bathing suits for try-ons.

Unless you are allergic Antibiotics do NOT have even close to as horrid side-effects as STD's. You might get a little diarrhoea or a yeast infection but that usually goes away when the treatment is over and the STD is cured! Your non-organic chicken is regularly dosed with high levels of antibiotics in the USA...if your Doctor refuses to treat your might try eating cooked fresh chicken everyday for several weeks!

Syphilis is also cured with antibiotics but requires a stronger/longer course. Left untreated Syphilis can destroy your fertility, cause you to go permanently insane and kill you.

Herpes causes painful sores and a rash on your girl/boy parts, is not curable but will not kill you or destroy your fertility. I know of one or two promiscuous Christian men who go about giving Herpes to unsuspecting women! The old people are the worst about this because they REFUSE to TALK about this stuff and live like they're in the 60's!

AIDs kills you waaaay before your time if you get it! It's a touch more difficult to catch than other STD's and is preventable if you use a condom when having sex!

You aren't likely to get AIDS from a toilet seat... But other STD's are catchable that way... Especially if you dangle and your thingy is touching a dirty inside rim! Guys don't necessarily show symptoms... They just pass it on and then wonder WHY there girlfriend's have to go to a fertility clinic to get pregnant!

Sorry, to be crude... But I've been married for over 17 years... I find the new-found lack of honest talk on this subject among Christian men and women absurd! In addition it's a recipe for a lot of potential future sadness. And like I said... I like blue eyes and don't particularly want to be staring at only Black and brown eyes in another 50 years!
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