Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Not sure what is up with LJ Account...

I am not sure what is up with my LJ account... Not sure I'm on the actual site. Lost about 500 entries...that just disappeared. Yikes.

Now it seems to that my friends page won't go back more than one page. Not sure what's up with this.

I've been having major problems on multiple sites since I began using my American Freedom of Speech online in MOSTLY USA forums. It's tough being a Libertarian! Ha! It's also tough being a Feminist and wittier than most of the fella's out there. No offense meant... it's just the god $@%@$#$ truth.

In addition, I seem to have a fren-enemy who knowing my RL identity forwarded copies of some of this blog to a particularly control-freakish relative... who thinks more like a NAZI than an American! Go back to Germany $@%$^^#$$%!
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