Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Clarification on the Fren-enemy...

I wanted to clarify that the Fren-enemy was NOT Swandog or anyone related to her.

I granted a RL friend/acquaintance the TRUST of this blog name... This is MY GOD $#!%@ BLOG much of which is Creative and meant to be entertaining in nature... Forwarding my post to ANY family member is an act of harassment and a HUGE VIOLATION of TRUST. You ought to be ashamed of yourself TRAITOR!

I am an absolutely sane creative professional and an adult over the age of 35. I am neither responsible to nor accountable to ANYONE in my family with the exception perhaps of my husband, who pre-reads and edits many of my posts.

I do NOT give out the names along with the fictional character names of my LJ friends here and expect the same courtesy.

In addition I am NOT a member of your religious congregation and never have been. If you have a problem or question about ANYTHING written in this creative blog... ADULTS give the courtesy of shooting an e-mail directly to writer rather than gossiping behind said writer's back.

IN ADDITION EVERYTHING in this blog that I type up is a product of my intellect and protected under USA Copyright laws the second I write it. As some of my more interesting posts have gone missing I can only imagine that LJ is playing host to plagerists.
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