Amy (blue_lory) wrote,


Well, in an effort to get over my Zombie fear...we did our annual watching of a Zombie movie... this time 'Warm Bodies.'

It was very fun. The Baby especially enjoyed the movie! During a snack break... she decided to play 'Zombie!' This included wrinkling up her face in a frowning vacant eyed star and shuffling toward us grunting. "What on earth???" Then we realized she was doing Zombie impressions and burst out laughing! Godzilla impressions have temporarily been replaced by Zombie girl!

"Mommy I want to be a Zombie!" Who knew the wave of the future was voluntary Zombieism. Lunch today was interrupted with "Daddy! Daddy! Be a Zombie!!" Daddy stinks at Zombie impressions so Mommy had to take over!

Now, my little cutie is going around growling "Brains! Brains! Big Brains!" before pouncing on us. lol.
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