Amy (blue_lory) wrote,


This has happened about THREE times at the same Red Robin Restaurant... I like Red Robin. I don't like being messed with.

We go in sit at a table get served, eat, drink and be merry.

During the course of the dinner I get a bunch of weird looks from various random people in the restaurant...figure it is because I wore make-up, did my hair and dressed up for a hubby "date." Recognized a couple of people but can't place them. One man looked a lot like an old college friend whose face I have been having trouble remembering...sounds like a cousins husband...but also looks like a former friend's husband. Not sure where I know him from. Other people the same but slightly more vague facial recognition on my part. Crowd is youngish 25 to 45 with kids....mostly attractive crowd...That's unusual for this part of DC...the men are usually attractive in a militaristic way and the women are not.

I get up and my KNEE feels like someone whacked me on the inside part of it. The problem is it's the WRONG KNEE to be my KNEE INJURY. Like I said this is third or forth time this has happened at Red Robin. Does not happen ANYWHERE ELSE. Did not walk enough on either knee to cause knee pain. I've been working out my upper legs and calves for months swimming... with the end result that my injured knee rarely causes me problems.

My GOOD KNEE is swollen on the inside side. So, what happened??? AND WHY ONLY AT THIS RESTAURANT??? I felt myself zone out once after eating... so YEAH...I am suspicious of food additives. ASSHOLES!
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