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My Rainbow Lorikeet was murdered...continued...

My Mom's favorite dog was drowned in her goldfish pond about a month before Mom's murder on Christmas Day in Texas. Her best friend and confidant died in surgery at a hospital a week or two before Mom's murder. The drunk driver who hit her was sentenced to 10 years in prison after he voluntarily took the maximum sentence for driving while intoxicated..I believe some one told me he was likely paroled after about 2 years. I have not kept up with it because I never believed him the murder. The DA did not pursue higher charges because they said he was not speeding...and FRANKLY, ALL OF US including other members of the family believed someone at the Hospital murdered her. We were told that she was sore, had no internal damage, and was expected to recover slowly. During the course of her few days stay, the hospital kept sending someone to do "Breathing treatments" on her. My Mother refused the breathing treatments but they insisted. I backed her up after becoming alarmed and videotaping one of the "treatments." The man refused to remove the mask forcibly covering her mouth and nose even when she began struggling with him. I MADE him stop! I questioned several of the hospital staff regarding the treatments and got extremely weird answers. I was told that the "treatments" were for patients who had been bed-ridden for a long time. I said "She's only been here a couple of days, THAT makes NO SENSE!"

My Mom was very scared, but lucid and coherent all of Christmas Day. She begged me not to leave several times so we stayed until nighttime. I REGRET not allowing her to hold the Baby a final time before we left to get dinner. We got a call toward the end of dinner that she had taken a turn for the worse. We raced to the hospital and attempted to enter quickly. We were delayed at the entrance by a man who looked and acted like The Comedian "Black." I can't remember his name right now because I HATE him so much for participating in this even through a look-a-like. I had adored him before.

When we arrived at the room, they were in the process of attempting CPR on her. I video-taped as much as possible from the hallway until a nurse called the police on me. I told her point of fact "I hold the 'Medical Power of Attorney' for my Mother...I can video tape, photograph anything I want about her treatment." The Police Officer backed me up and got me a chair to sit in.

They were unable to resuscitate her. I am not a trained medical professional and do not know what are the proper procedures are for resuscitation. She had an adult ventilator shaft sticking out of her mouth and green bile coming out of the side of her mouth. I thought this WEIRD and recognized the ventilator because it was a larger version of what the Baby was on when she zeroed out at the NICU and had to be resuscitated. I took photographs because I thought it WEIRD. She also had some other tubes sticking out of her that were weirdly placed. I will not discuss this publicly because of the nature of the tubes. I did not photograph these to maintain some of my Mother's dignity. The tubes did NOT make sense to me, but then I am not a trained medical professional either.

I sat with my Mother's corpse for some time holding her hand. A nurse wearing a sports team lanyard came in shortly after she died and demanded I give her my camera and video-tape. I refused and gave the MC to a family member to hide, after the woman threatened to call the police if I did not turn it over. The woman LOOKED similar to a nurse in Maryland when I went to the ER and was diagnosed with the Stroke two years later. ( I got up and walked out of the ER refusing to be treated after seeing this nurse. The ER Doctor wanted to put me in the hospital, and basically said they weren't liable if I died at home after the stroke. The ER Doctor was ok...but NO WAY was I going to sleep in the hospital with anyone that looked so similar to a nurse in the Texas hospital walking about.)

An autopsy was performed on my Mother's corpse and the findings were different than what we were told by hospital staff.


I sat with my Mother for what seemed like an hour? but may have only been 30 minutes or so. I watched the medical staff and cleaning staff clean up the room of all the medical equipment and the bathroom trash. One cleaning staff person kept smirking at me like he thought it funny me sitting holding my dead Mom's hand. I mentioned the bathroom trash because my Mom kept wanting me to go into the restroom, when we were visiting her earlier. I wondered after the fact if she had put a note in the trash. She was VERY scared and kept trying to speak to me alone. Every time she started speaking to me alone, someone came in the room and she completely clammed up. She also wanted me to rub her back and LOOK at her back which hurt her a lot. I did not look at her back, expecting to take her home from the hospital shortly. My Mom was lucid and coherent after refusing to take the offered morphene after the first day.


I was the first person to enter her home after her accident as far as I know. I took photographs of a few locations in her home...the entryway into her business office. We had been there 24 hours prior on a flight stopover, flying home from DC. She had a pile of Christmas presents there and they seemed oddly trampled to me. The lock on her bedroom door was also broken if I remember correctly. Overall, the house struck me as ODD so I took a lot of pictures. I was convinced that someone had entered her home and dragged her out in her nightgown, and disbelieved that she was actually in an accident. I can not pin point everything that made me think this...but some things were odd about the house and some things were odd about her car. Things odd about her car...a pair of glasses showed up that were not hers. Her glasses were distinctive one of kind antiques that looked like John Lennon's glasses. We searched every where for them. I kept complaining about not being able to find them or her shoes which were NOT at the hospital with her. They "miraculously" appeared on a second search of her car along with a necklace she would have been wearing if driving. The necklace was odd because the chain was broken...possibly removed by paramedics....but the interior placement of the shoes and necklace struck me as odd.

We were initially told that the damage to the car was indicative of a high speed crash, but then later told the drunk driver was not speeding from everything they could tell of the crash site and other vehicle. There was one witness who I was told about who does not seem to have been interviewed...who claimed to have arrived on the scene FIRST. I was TOLD the drunk driver was an OB/GYN. This also struck me as odd because this happened 3 months AFTER we got the Baby out of the NICU safely. I recognized ONE nurse at the hospital where my Mother was from the Baby's hospital. This nurse did not attend the Baby but seemed to be a popular revolving nurse traveling from hospital to hospital. Most of these nurses were very competent and did there job at the Baby hospital. This nurse also seemed to recognized me and scowled at me. This nurse did NOT attend my Mother again after we arrived.

I recognized one of the young police officers or assistant police officers at the entry into the hospital as one of the young men from my Aunt's Church group in Houston. He was polite and not on the floor of her room.


My Mother was sent a letter of "disfellowship" from her Church because she began attending an associated Church closer to the Baby's hospital. This was during the four months prior to her death when she was going to see the Baby at the hospital daily. She told me about the letter, but I also found it after her death. It cited her lack of attendance for the "disfellowshipping." Half her Church was Airline employees and a few employees of some of the other nearby big businesses. I do not think they bothered to investigated WHY she was attending another Church of the same denomination. I had asked my Mom not to gossip about the Baby to her Church, and she had respected that. A LOT of Church people were IRATE with me about this...but my Mom respected my reasons...I did not want the Baby stigmatized by gossip about her then undiagnosed condition for the rest of her life...which is the HABIT of many Church members. We were still waiting to see if she had Downs Syndrome and some other bad news genetic diseases...she had NONE of these! Mom had a lot of friends at the Church who had split off and started a new congregation because the Church management sucked. Mom stayed with the original Church but maintained the friendships with the new congregation.


I was contacted during the three months prior to her death by Security from my previous employer the Airline everybody works at. They arbitrarily froze my "severence" flight benefits during the ThanksGiving holidays forcing us to drive to ThanksGiving destination. I got in contact with them asking WHY they froze my benefits. They said that they did this because they wanted to get in contact with me. They asked me who lived at my Mother's address that was on file with them...I told them "My Mother." I was TOLD that they had put me under investigation with the FBI because someone was sending packages around the country using there FedEx account number and putting MY NAME as the sender. I told them "I've not worked for ya'll in 8 years, but a lot of people knew my name and it was certainly on a lot of the company mail!" They asked me to come in to answer questions over the Holidays...I told them "I don't mind helping ya'll out...but I'm busy over the Holidays!" I told them my previous and last boss, the BEST boss I had up there and a dual American-Irish citizen, had gone to work for FedEx and maybe they should ASK him too! I contacted the VP's office at the Airline because I had friends there and asked them what this was about. I was TOLD by someone THEY sent me to talk to to contact employee HARASSAMENT services. I believe a complaint was filed. I never heard from the Airline Security again. However, I became LIVID when agents at my Maryland FedEx started acting suspiciously toward me. I said VERY loudly inside the store during one of these ODD trips to FedEx to people I believed FBI or FedEx security "This is an ILLEGAL INVESTIGATION!"

Every time, I notice that I am being followed by Police cars in Maryland...I see FedEx trucks right behind them. I went to pick up my Husband from a secure government facility one day when feeling particularly harassed. A Police car attempted to enter the facility and was turned away. He parked right next to me. I was OUTRAGED, so I rolled down my window and shouted at him "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME???" He was very polite and responded that someone had called and REPORTED a car accident at this location. There was NO CAR ACCIDENT. The Police Officer went and spoke to the other person parked in the parking lot, a woman (I believe I took pictures) who promptly drove away. I have a lot of pictures of Police cars and Policeman who show up and park next to me or drive by the store while I am out shopping. A WEIRDER incident of this nature was a Police car that parked next to me when I was going to a Hallmark store. I entered the store and was shopping. A uniformed armed Police Officer entered the store after me. It was weird. I went about my business...UNTIL a FedEx truck showed up...BLOCKED the entrance and street view of the Hallmark store and two loud large FedEx men entered the store. THEY FRIGHTENED ALL the WOMEN in the store with there very loud ODD behavior. Even the female Police Officer gave body language of surprise and being uncomfortable. A similar incident happened on another occasion at the Mall, where two uniformed FedEx men started to following me into an Anne Taylor store, but then did not enter.

Let me REPEAT, this sort of harassment by private companies is absolutely illegal in the United States of America, it is ALSO an ILLEGAL method of investigation.

I am putting this publically because my Rainbow Lorikeet died today.


I hold an expired Security Clearance with the United States Postal Service gotten for me by the United States Postal Inspectors.
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