Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Then I had the weird dream...

After this horrid family drama, I had a bizarre extremely weird dream...

The dream was first person and I was the woman in the dream...a beautiful dark-haired woman with pale skin. My vision flashed in and out in the dream as if from pain although I did not FEEL anything. Three people were in front of me and I was somehow in there control although I did not have any restraints on vision seemed drugged or in pain. I could only see two of the people the third was a blur. The older woman was identical to my Aunt and had her voice. The younger woman looked similar to my cousin but younger, about twelve, and different. They were standing behind a third person. I THINK the third person was dark-haired but could not see them clearly. The third person was assaulting me in an extremely gruesome harmful way that I will not detail here. The woman identical to my Aunt and the young girl were cheering on the third person and encouraging them to assault me a second time. They were laughing about it and demonic in demeanor and expression. The dream was so horrible I woke myself up from it.

It is a second dream I have had of this Aunt. A previous dream had her loving and caring about an infant in a hospital with three heads and major deformities while ignoring two beautiful perfectly formed babies. The beautiful babies cried and cried and cried and were ignored.

I've been thinking a lot about the dream and wonder if it is a subconscious vision of how I feel about my families behavior.
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