Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Weddings and Venereal Diseases...

Well, I've been asked to be the Matron of Honour for my honorary little sister at her Wedding....take a the end of April! Weird, huh! :).

I had wanted to host a really special shower for her...but I think maybe I'm the 'honorary' attendant. Destination weddings are difficult to plan... Maybe, an online shower? How would that work?

Conspiracy theory for the day...

The entire thing is made up, and someone is trying to get me out of town for a few days. Chances are The Hubby has decided to get himself another wife and does not want me to know about it? Why do you think all those Repub's wanted a Mormon in office? ;) I'm about to be assassinated by a bunch of crazed angry Conservatives? Whoever has been blocking my phone and Internet is trying to finish me off...after all I'm missing about 400 LJ entries...including a rather well written story intro...

OR my honorary little sister is having trouble explaining me, her Ex sister-in-law, to her future in laws! They have to keep in contact with the 2nd wife to keep seeing Grandbabies... I know my honorary little sister considers me her sister...I was married to her brother for 13 years... But I suspect I'm going to come home with some movie worthy weird stories!

My 'spidery sense' says SOMETHING is a bit smelly in Denmark!

Actually feeling kind of down about it. I suspect her future in-laws might be old friends of MY family! Just a couple of weird things said! To make matters worse despite cutting back on food and calories, I look at a couple of fat people and start swelling up!

Woke up with a swollen neck again. I've been to the "Doctor" here about some massive pain I started having last week...asked for which point the "Doctor" implied I was a druggie trying to get illegal drugs... She was actually a Doctor's assistant who looked a bit like that woman who outed CIA Director David Petreus' affair with his biographer to the FBI. I chewed her out basically saying "How Dare you imply that I am a druggie just because I'm a smart woman who has done a bit of self-diagnosis!" I questioned her a bit and apparently she thinks all the low income people visiting this clinic are druggies!

Long story short, I have symptoms of untreated Clamydia and the "Doctor" I visited REFUSES to give me antibiotics! I am reminded of the black men in the 60's Government studies who died of Syphilis after being denied antibiotics! I WANT ANOTHER CHILD! This has the feel of an attack on ANY fertile American women based in DC. I explained to the office assistant that I had recently returned from sharing a bathroom with a couple of teenage girls... Who likely NEED antibiotics TOO...because the symptoms mirrored there Grandmother's earlier symptoms who also shared the restroom!

A two week course of azithromyacin is suppose to completely cure several STD's, not Syphilis. But everybody in the family including the guys need to take it. In addition you probably need to completely scrub down the restroom with a bleach based cleaner like Commet- don't mix your bleach and ammonia it creates deadly mustard gas! And wash your sheets, undies and clothes with a color safe bleach as well! If you sit around your house naked or in short shorts... You likely need to wipe down your chairs too!
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