Amy (blue_lory) wrote,

Facebook/LJ Friends...

If you are a friend on Facebook as well as LJ you have likely been deleted on Facebook.

I have been experiencing REPEATED harassment in a couple of LJ communities. For example, almost anytime I post anything I am getting MOB attacked by what sounds like a group of teenage groupies. Does not really matter what I post or what tone or manner I post in. I am not 100% sure this is targeted only at me, I seem to recall Swandog experiencing something similar a few years back before she mostly abandoned LJ. I've also noticed this teenage mob action is directed at other people with occasional innocent well meaning comments. I contacted the Moderator of one group to complain about being singled out by him/her when I responded to said Mob attack. The Moderator took the TONE of the teenagers, sounded a bit like a teenager, and was COMPLETELY unreasonable. The Moderator signed his/her response to my complaint TIFFANY. The Moderator CLAIMS to be an US Airforce wife in Colorado. After complaining to this Moderator, I started having some additional weird stuff happen online that I have documented. I am considering a formal complaint to the US Airforce regarding this. I have logged complaints from a few other people regarding US military personnel and US police personnel using US military technology or experience to harass and spy on friends and/or family members.

1. An Ex-girlfriend of a close friend who was using past military equipment experience and her position in a US security company to harass and slander the close friend and several members of his family. I do not know how far she actually went with this... but she was apparently creating websites calling the family father a sex offender and may have caused him 1.5 year difficulty getting a job. I was told she was fired from her security company job when someone caught on. I was also told that she had been picking through my United States Postal Service Mail that was sitting in my mailbox. I do not believe anything was taken, but you never know.

I do not know if this person is on LJ... however, I was informed that she was in close communication with the close friend's 2nd Ex-wife in an odd conspiracy to slander the man. The 2nd Ex-wife IS on LJ.

2. A military person who hacked a family member's account to gain documentation to support his position in a child custody battle. I actually agree with his position despite his methods.

3. A police person who regularly drops police monitoring software on ANYONE speaking to his ADULT children.

4. Ettal.

I am perfectly aware that a fair number of other people employed at various businesses use there access for personal gain etc. I have a fairly large log of people doing this inside of businesses DESPITE actually breaking the US law to do so... like a close friend using her position in a bank to look up friends and family member's accounts out of curiosity. Most of this stuff is harmless despite being an invasion of other people's privacy. Stalking and harassing an individual on several different social media's and forums is NOT harmless.

If you've been deleted on Facebook, I am working to rule out LJ friends in this.
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